Double Identity

Finally, I have completed editing my first attempt to writing a book. I have published the book on Wattpad, but for your convince, I have also made a PDF, which you can download or read online. Chose your version, and don’t forget give a feedback! 🙂

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Double Identity Episode 7: A new beginning

This is an outdated version. Click here for the final version.

[Continued from Episode 6]

“Sam, you have been like my son. I never had one, but you were the closest to me. Last night, I saw you see the blood when I coughed. Your expression said it all. And I was tired. Tired of living a life without a soul. I was getting older, and I was no longer fit to lead the gang. The gang too was breaking into pieces. So to get things sorted, I took this extreme step. Continue reading

Back From The Dead!

Yes, its almost like I am back from the dead! Its been over 2 months since my last post, thanks to the grueling final examination which  just concluded last week.

But now I am back.

And the first thing I am going to do is to complete my series (just the last episode was left) which I left on a cliff hanger. Also, in the long term, I aim to rewrite the entire series, as a whole, as I think I have not been able to put my best in it. I am going to write it all again, and come up with something more satisfactory. And for that I would need your feedback.

But the important thing is – I am back 🙂

Double Identity Episode 6 : Alfred’s Decision

This is an outdated version. Click here for the final version.

[Continued from Episode 5]

Alfred took his car out.

“Good morning!” he said.

“Yeah, good morning.” I replied, and gave him a where-are-you-going gesture.

“Didn’t Tom tell you?”

Tom was just another man in the gang.


“We are going for a trip.”

Continue reading

Double Identity Episode 5 : Two Days Later

This is an outdated version. Click here for the final version.

[Continued from Episode 4]

Life had taken a U turn now.

Every time Alfred looked at me he asked me why I was so lost. I had to make different excuses every time and it seemed I had run out of excuses. On top of that Jake was keeping an eye on me all day long. I was relatively free earlier, but now I didn’t even have the freedom to go to a bar, thanks to the ‘deal’ I had made with John. That was not even a deal actually, he had indirectly forced me to do it.

“You’ll be tracked wherever you go. Your cellphone is fitted with GPS program that locates you for us.” John had said. “And don’t try to be smart. You lose the cellphone – you lose this assignment – and you go back to jail” Continue reading

Double Identity Episode 4 : Taking Undue Advantage

This is an outdated version. Click here for the final version.

[Continued from Episode 3]

“Assist me, in catching Alfred. Trick him as I plan, and your sentence will be shortened.”

I was stunned.

“Damn it. Now he wants me to betray my friends.” I thought. John seemed to be taking full advantage of the situation.

“You’ll have to free me then.” I attempted a bargain.

“You think of me as a fool? I am giving you one hours’ time. Coordinate with me, and I’ll reduce your term by five years, or rot in jail for the next thirty years. The choice is yours.” John left, fumed. It seemed he didn’t like my way of bargaining. Continue reading